Welcome to Holistic Healthcare

A Naturopathic clinic, offering holistic treatments for all health problems, including unsolved health problems and undiagnosed allergies using treatments and preventative methods to help heal and maintain well-being and good health for everyone.

The main aim is to look after overall health, give symptomatic relief, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and reduce sensitivities and allergies with an overall energy balancing for better health and quality of life. Located in Yorkshire, you can attend for consecutive days, overnight accommodation and have daily treatments in the remote idyllic countryside of Yorkshire.

The clinic has seen clients and patients including celebrities, scientists and members of the medical professions from the whole of the UK and further afield; USA, Norway, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Brunei, the Caribbean to name a few, they have benefited from staying at the clinic in Yorkshire for allergy treatments, balancing intolerances and sensitivities, improving food absorption, pain relief and overall wellbeing.

Treatments are available with Naturopathy, NAET, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy. Assessments and diagnostics are made utilizing dietary analysis, iridology, traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology, face, tongue and pulse analyses.

Clients can benefit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with a variety of integrative, complementary and alternative medicines. True holistic reviews and treatments, complementary and alternative medicines can stand side by side with the orthodox medicines and treatments received from GPs and hospitals. Every person is treated individually to their needs and holistically.

Good health depends on emotional and mental balance as well as physical and biochemical well-being. The aim is to restore harmony and balance by using naturopathic therapies to treat and raise awareness in health matters.

Helen Bowman
ND, Dip Hom, BSc(Hons), Dip Clin Sci, NAET Cert, NAET Instructor Cert, MANP, MICR.
Telephone: 07710 853 914
Email: helen@holistichealthcare.eu