Helen Bowman

Helen specialises in allergies, she has studied beside Dr Devi Nambudripad as a NAET instructor and is involved in teaching NAET for Europe in English and German and recertifying NAET allergy practitioners.

Helen was Chartered Scientist for many years; this designation provides legal credibility, public trust and professional standing with government and regulatory authorities through an ongoing commitment to high levels of professionalism and a stringent Code of Conduct. Being chartered is the mark of professional recognition. It allows all scientists working at the full professional level to be recognised on an equal footing across their different disciplines. It gives an assurance of current competence through mandatory revalidation and encapsulates the interdisciplinary nature of science in the 21st century. Helen is conducting research into the success of NAET in the symptomatic relief of allergies and autism.

Since the 1970's Helen's career has been in medical research, drug development and clinical research followed by Naturopathy and Classical Homeopathy, where her studies included; homeopathy, acupuncture, NAET allergy elimination, traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology, ear candling, tissue salts, glyconutrients, fasting, detoxification, nutritional, herbal medicine and Bach remedies.  Helen graduated in Naturopathy at the College of Naturopathic and Complementary Medicine (CNM), London.

Prior to qualifying as a Naturopath Helen achieved BSc (Hons) with the Open University in Biosciences & Biochemistry, including Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biology, Psychology, Health & Disease, Health Demographics Worldwide, and then went on to achieve a Diploma in Clinical Science at the university of Wales in Cardiff, these studies included a vast variety of disease areas, Anatomy and Physiology, Health and Disease & Medicine, Clinical Research of Orthodox Medicine, Medical Ethics and the Side Effects of Drugs.

Helen's career has been medically oriented all her life, initially laboratory research in genetics, bacteria and viruses, she has worked in gene research, gene sequencing and cell membrane transport for an international laboratory in Germany. She has worked in clinics, surgeries and hospitals with GP's, and Consultants at the cutting edge of drug and medical device research. Helen has trained doctors in clinical research and medical ethics and how to test pharmaceutical medicines within the FDA regulations, ICH GCP and European Directives throughout the world. Now Helen is working as a Naturopath with patients on a one to one basis to raise health awareness on how to help ourselves and treating holistically with a variety of complementary approaches. Helen is also a trained phlebotomist so she can conduct allergy research.

Her knowledge of diseases and acceptance that pharmaceutical medicine and orthodox treatments can be used hand in hand with complementary therapy is of great benefit for a truly holistic care.

Patients of all ages can benefit from Naturopathy, in general only one of the treatments is used at a time. Seeing a Naturopath is the equivalent of seeing your GP who uses natural medicine to heal the patient's illness, Helen may recommend a treatment, combination of treatments and help find the right therapist.

Helen Bowman
ND, Dip Hom, BSc(Hons), Dip Clin Sci, NAET Cert, NAET Instructor Cert, MANP, MICR.
Telephone: 07710 853 914
Email: helen@holistichealthcare.eu