Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies use the life essence of flowers to balance the negative emotions that lead to disease, and the symptoms of disease.  They are a natural method of establishing personal equilibrium and harmony.  Edward Bach a Welsh homeopath and bacteriologist formulated the remedies in the 1930’s, which can be safely taken by people of all ages and conditions.  Edward Bach was a well respected doctor, homeopath, bacteriologist and immunologist, who believed that a healthy mind is the key to recovery from ill-health.

What is the theory?

Bach believed there was a crucial relationship between the mental outlook of a person and their physical state.  He stated the negative emotions could manifest themselves physically as pain, stress, and also illness.

Bach flowers heal the mind in a gentle, natural way, ensuring that the body has the will to heal itself and the right to any imbalances.

There are 38 Bach Flower Remedies developed to support every conceivable personality, attitude, and negative state of mind.  They were developed as a complete system and, before his death Bach gave instructions that no more remedies were to be added to the set.

Side effects

Bach Remedies do not produce side effects, as it is self-healing mechanisms in the body at work.  They can be used successfully alongside medicine from your GP or hospital.  Bach flower remedies are safe for people of every age and state of health, and will not interfere with any other medication.

What can be treated?

Any emotional or mental condition.  In particular, stress, digestive disorders, sleep problems, and skin problems tend to respond well.

Number of sessions necessary

One or two sessions are usually enough to diagnose negative qualities and treat them accordingly.  Some conditions may require more sessions, it may then be found homeopathy or NAET allergy treatments may be of benefit.

The initial consultation, where I take a case history takes approximately 1¼ hours with follow-up visits taking between ½ hour to ¾ hour.

Follow-ups are usually at monthly intervals depending on need.

Helen Bowman
ND, Dip Hom, BSc(Hons), Dip Clin Sci, NAET Cert, NAET Instructor Cert, MANP, MICR.
Telephone: 07710 853 914