Allergy Courses

Allergy Awareness and Understanding Illnesses for Patients

At patients requests awareness sessions can be set up to look at your allergies, to discuss various illnesses at your request such as ME, chronic fatigue, diabetes. These sessions can be run on a one to one basis, with the family or in groups of patients in Yorkshire face to face, webinar, or over the phone where NAET can be explained more deeply and discussions are welcome.

A personal half hour session on the phone about NAET may be purchased at £45, once you have bought this option you may email Helen to arrange a suitable time for your personal discussion and give details of how she can help you.

Allergy Assistance for NAET Practitioners
For help with your Patients, and, your Professional Development

Practitioners can book a half hour session for £45 to discuss case histories, trouble shoot problems in the clinic, and, plan a patient protocol specific to the patient needs. Questions on various NAET techniques, protocols and training can be covered. Once you have bought this option please email Helen to arrange a suitable time for your personal discussion; this can be completed over the phone, by email or face to face in her clinic. Please give details in the email of how she can help you.

TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Training to become a NAET practitioner requires TCM and Acupuncture awareness, these classes are designed to support NAET practice, not for those wishing to be an acupuncturist, they are aimed at understanding the TCM and acupuncture behind the functioning of NAET allergy treatments. It is essential to take this course prior to the Basic seminar for those without acupuncture training.

This class will also assist already qualified NAET practitioners in getting effective results and finding the treatment route for each individual. It looks at Traditional Chinese Medicine, the meridians, and also the 5 Element Theories. Bring your difficult cases to the seminar for review from Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 Element perspectives.

A two day seminar; registration from 8.30 am, duration of class 9am to 6pm each day, plus at least 12 hours of work to complete before the seminar.

Allergy Courses for Medical Doctors and Naturopathic Practitioners

Training to become a NAET practitioner is given in two stages, a Basic seminar then advanced 1 seminar. Post training the NAET UK team run networking meetings, update training, and recertification classes. Helen offers mentoring in her clinic for practitioners who wish to refresh their knowledge.

Course Information

For more information on available courses, please click this link to visit the NAET Training Institute website.

Helen Bowman
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